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GREENLEAF Business - Your First Questions Answered!

Who or What is GREENLEAF?
GREENLEAF is an International Business from China. GREENLEAF is over 22 years in business, but relatively new in Nigeria, and quite new in Aba.

Does GREENLEAF Have Products to Sell? 
Yes! GREENLEAF has about 4500 fast selling and pocket friendly products.

PRODUCT categories include Electronics, Beauty and Cosmetics, Kitchen Utensils, Health Supplements, Skin Care, Toiletries, Mother and Baby, Household, Personal Care, Fashion and Fabrics, etc.

How Do I Join GREENLEAF Business? 
1) Understand the Business before you join (attend a Business Briefing).
2) Get registered through a Service Centre only.
3) Get your Welcome Pack, and ₦560,000 worth of Purchase Vouchers.
4) Activate your online Back-Office.
5) Build your downline.

What Happens When I Introduce a New Member? 
You get rewarded with both Money and PV. PV stands for 'Point Value'. They are points you accumulate to buy products and move ranks within the business.

Do I Have to Sell Anything? 
Selling is not compulsory. You can use the products or sell them.

What Happens After I Register? 
Just recruit TWO new Members, teach and help them to do same!

What If I Recruit More Than TWO Members? 
You only need to register TWO people directly under you. After that, you place any other recruits by you under your down-liners (legs). This is to ensure that you help your down-liners earn; because when they earn you also earn. There is no selfishness in GREENLEAF Business. You also earn PV when others join under you. What they get you also get!

How Does GREENLEAF Business Reward Members? 
Upon successful registration, you immediately get credited with ₦560,000 worth of Purchase Voucher which you can use to buy products online. And once you refer or register at least TWO active members under you, you start earning $113 daily. You get paid every day for life once your team is active.

What Else do I Get Apart From Daily Bonus? 
You get purchase points called PV.
You qualify for incentives with the purchase points you accumulate.
You never forfeit your purchase points for any reasons.

Are There Any Other Rewards? 
Yes. Your other incentives include:
Scholarship to your Children.
International Travel Opportunity.
Car incentive paid directly in to your account.
Minimum car incentive is ₦5 Million and maximum is ₦8 Million plus.
Housing incentive.

In What Ways Can I Earn From GREENLEAF Business? 
There are 8 ways to earn with GREENLEAF Business:

  1. Return on investment
  2. Group Bonus
  3. Sales Bonus
  4. Voucher Bonus
  5. Retail Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus
  7. Welfare Bonus
  8. Star Director Incentives

Can You Explain What These Are?
Yes, your GREENLEAF Earnings are explained below:

  1. Return on investment: The company pays you back your ₦130 000. Each time someone enters your network directly or indirectly you earn $1.5 (₦570). When you recover your ₦130k the system stops the payment. The Greenleaf exchange rate is ₦380 (as at this post).

  2. Group Bonus: The Company pays $22 on your weaker or lesser leg each time someone joins you. $529 is the daily limit on your weaker leg.

  3. Sales Bonus: Is the binary (pairing) bonus which is $88 per generation. You earn unlimited amount on sales bonus daily.

  4. Voucher Bonus: You earn 2% of online products purchased with vouchers from all your directly sponsored partners. You earn up to your 40th generation.

  5. Retail Bonus: You are expected to buy products worth 15PV as a distributor; and 45PV as a manager, from 1st to 19th of every month so as to qualify to earn 1% of PV goods bought by down-lines from 1st generation till infinity. There is no limit on retail bonus.

  6. Leadership Bonus: Whenever you climb to any particular rank in Greenleaf you are paid monthly. As a manger, you get 3% of global profit.

  7. Welfare Bonus: 2% of whatever the company makes is given out as point monthly. For Manager, 1 unit = $100.

  8. Star Director Incentives: 1% of the global sales kept aside for distribution. 15% of global sales kept for car incentive fund.

Now you can see for yourself that GREENLEAF Biotech is different from most other Multi-Level-Marketing Companies.

By joining GREENLEAF you create another powerful source of income for yourself. You earn daily Bonuses and have great Incentives. GREENLEAF uses a simple Binary Compensation Plan that helps you sign up more people quickly, and thereby grow your business faster.

Take action now!

Are You ready to Join?
Call 0808 527 1234 or Click HERE Now!

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