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The GREENLEAF Business Opportunity - An Introduction

GREENLEAF Products on Display.

GREENLEAF International is a Chinese multinational and multi-billion dollars company established in 1996. It has therefore been in existence for over 22 years. GREENLEAF has over 4,500 products in different categories such as: Cosmetics, Healthcare, Household Supplies, Furniture, Mother and Baby Care, and Electronics.

GREENLEAF is known for its quality products. Thus they also manufacture products for other big companies.  Within just under 2 years of branching out into network marketing, GREENLEAF International was rated 70th in 2017 Direct Selling News (DSN); and among the top 100 Multi-Level-Marketing companies in the world. It is the number one manufacturing company in CHINA. 

GREENLEAF Company 2018

GREENLEAF manufactures top quality, fast selling and highly effective products such as:

  1. Anion sanitary napkins and panty liners that helps to eliminate gynaecological infections.
  2. Mosquito, rats and cockroach repellent sprays
  3. Soaps (liquid and solid)
  4. Toothpastes
  5. Antiperspirants
  6. Energy cups/slippers
  7. Classy style energy pots
  8. Organic condoms
  9. Herbal/moisturizing body wash
  10. Mouth fresheners
  11. Hand cream
  12. Immune system boosting wine
  13. Fruits instant drink
  14. Decaffeinated coffees
  15. Classy Energy pot
  16. Fat burning teas
  17. Jewelries diamond and pure gold
  18. Facial mask/intensive boaster
  19. All Beauty products

And many more!

From $7 billion in 2017, Greenleaf's revenue grew to over $29 billion in 2018; and is projected to hit over $100 billion soon. Over 90% of Greenleaf's profits and bonuses goes back to its members.

GREENLEAF distributes its innovative and in-demand products through its highly motivated independent distributors using the multi-level-marketing business model. However, unlike most other Multi-Level-Marketing companies, it offers a lot of support, flexibility and profitability to its members!

This is the time to Join GREENLEAF!

By joining GREENLEAF you create another powerful source of regular income for yourself. You earn daily and monthly Bonuses and great Incentives. Greenleaf uses a simple Binary Compensation Plan that helps you sign up more people quickly, and grow your business faster.

Are YOU ready to Join?
Call 0808 527 1234 or Click HERE Now!

Greenleaf Compensation Plan





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